If you want to become a better leader? If you are asking, how can i enable my team? If you are looking for ideas and thoughts on how to make your organisation more effective and productive? You will find something here.


Why HRHelpline ?

Throughout my varied life experiences I have worked out that learning new things is fun and being able to share knowledge and experiences effectively, interestingly and with encouragement brings personal reward and fulfilment. I have had 18 exciting years in HR, had the privildge to meet many inspirational people and accumulated a wide range of visual materials, thoughts and ideas about people management, organisational effectiveness and leadership.

The HR Helpline is my attempt to share this “ideas collection” with a hope that it can give you a food for thoughts, an inspiration for your heart and a nudge to act.


Source of collection inspiration?





  lived in 7 countries




 worked with 70+ markets




 run 60+ reorganisations




4 successful start-ups



11 years battling leukemia



2 start-ups failure



Watercolour Painting and Art4Charity fundraising



PhD in Art, MBA in Marketing, Master in Lingustics



Inspirational leaders & mentors

Couple words about me


Liz Parfen

Liz Parfen

I am originaly from the country that does not exist any more and from the city that ceased to exist. Having pleasure to work with 67 markets in West and East Europe, North and South Americas, Middle east, Pacific Asia, Australia, North and West Africa, it is, probably, easier to say which markets I did not come across, rather than state all countries I had a chance to live in or work with. I was blessed with opportunities to see a lot, try a lot and learn a lot from ups and downs of my life. My seventeen years in M&A, OD&OE, Change mngt, Project mngt and HR on global, regional levels in large international companies gave me a unique chance to meet fantastic, inspirational leaders and absorb many great ideas from my talented colleagues. Launching own busineses and running over 60 reorganisations and different realignments,  all sorts of transformations, outsourcings, out shorings, and in housing programmes on various scales  have equipped me with skills and knowledge to openly face challenges of the VUCA world. Following C.G. Jung’s advice, who once said “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”  I keep welcoming opportunities to endeavour, to fail, to succeed and to share.